Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh, sweet productivity!

One of the many frustrations for me in the life of kids has been my inability to get things done. Before kids, I could run errands for any time of day, throw a party on a whim, paint a room on a Tuesday because I felt like it, reorganize my cabinets, etc. etc... Now, with two kids who are 19 months apart and another on the way I either take weeks to get one of these things done, I get a babysitter, or I just tell myself that in 10 years I'll (hopefully) have the time to do it.

With an employee recently leaving Jeff's family's business, he hasn't traveled for weeks (which has been a.mazing!), but on his last trip away I decided to grab the bull by the horns and paint Noah's room. Of course, this meant starting the job after the kids went down for the night and staying up until about 2:30 am. It took me two nights of this to get Noah's room finished but it felt so good when it was done.

Every room in our house desperately needs color, but I decided to start with the kids' since they had this awful white-with-a- ting-of-pink paint on the walls and ceilings. Hideous! My first dilemma was, since Noah and Gracie will be sharing a room for a time, I needed to make it something neutral yet colorful. Noah's room has a nice molding on the walls so I painted the top a light gray and the bottom pure white. As soon as I can get my hands on some yellow fabric I'm going to do yellow curtains and accent Gracie's part of the room with purples and Noah's with blues.

Three weeks ago we found out baby #3 is another...BOY! What is now Gracie's room will be the baby's nursery for at least a year so I was waiting to see what the gender of this baby was before painting. We went with a nice green to really add a pop of color. I felt like I was in the center of an avocado at first, but it's growing on me. It goes perfectly with the bedding in Gracie's room now and will go perfectly with what I used for Noah's nursery and what will likely be #3's soon too. I need to pick out some fabric for the curtains in there also. Curtains are the next priority on my to-do list!

Jeff could go the rest of his life without changing a thing in our home and as satisfying as it was to have those rooms painted, I have officially moved on to the next project. Now that I have some color, I see the light and I can't stop running towards it! I think I often frustrate Jeff for having so many "projects" but it's so much more than a project to me. Our home is where I do everything. It's our sanctuary. I want it to be warm, inviting, and comfortable. The projects that I come up with aren't out of a place of discontent but a desire to make our house OUR home. I feel like it's my duty.

For now, here are pictures of the kids' semi-finished rooms. I guess I could have waited until I got the curtains done, but let's be honest, that's probably still at least a month away. I'm hoping to paint our living room, family room and kitchen next. By next, I mean before the baby gets here. T-minus five months and counting!